Creston SDA Church

Reaching the Creston area with a Christ-centered message of HOPE and WHOLENESS

Full Power Presentation by Dr. Ernest J Brake

Running on FULL POWER

Creston Adventist Church 713 Cavell Street, Creston April 19-21, 2024

Nature’s Formula for Bodymind Vitality Nature’s Bio Hacks for Optimal Vitality

“When it comes to your health and happiness, there is no silver bullet. But there is a golden formula - FULL POWER.”

Learn Your Vitality Score And Natural Ways to Improve it


• 8 natural ways to prevent or reverse chronic disease
• The single biggest predictor of success
• How to boost your immune system
• Non-Pharmaceutical ways to reduce stress
• How to reduce blood pressure without pills


Fri, 7:00PM: Don’t Even Think of Losing Weight Until You do This
Sat, 11:00AM: The Awakened Brain
Sat, 2:30PM: How a “Terminal” Heart Patient Lived 35 Extra Years
Sat, 3:30PM: Conquer Unhealthy Cravings
Sun, 2:30PM: Four Pillars of Physical Strength
Sun, 3:30PM: Your Body’s Amazing Overnight Repair Shop

Dr. Ernest J Brake, personal growth and lifestyle intervention strategist, offers a comprehensive, sustainable approach to improving your health - the natural way. Over the years, he has led a team of health professionals to bring powerful wellness principles to communities in BC. He is author of the forthcoming book, The FULL POWER Plan: Nature’s Formula for Optimal Bodymind Vitality. With creative graphics, Dr. Brake weaves story and science together to set you on track to be the best version of yourself. Dr. Brake lives in Parksville on Vancouver Island with his wife, June.


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