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NewsPoints March 25, 2020

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NewsPoints March 18, 2020

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NewsPoints March 12, 2020

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Students produce and donate hand sanitizer to the elderly

Even with the suspension of classes, some high school students from Colégio Adventista de Maceió in Brazil continue to help their community and those in need. The students are not in the classroom, instead, they are volunteering to spend part of their day in the laboratory, producing hand sanitizer with 70% gel alcohol. The students are working under the supervision of teachers Paulo Mendes and Stephano Sousa, who are responsible for Biology and Chemistry classes, respectively. The students...

Dear Grandparents – A Message of Love From Around the World

#dear grandparents, a short social media clip released today is already bringing both a smile and a tear to grandparents, parents and children around the world. Already being translated and subtitled in a multitude of languages including Romanian, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish, 15 children show their love and concern for their grandparents, each speaking in their own language in a global act emphasizing that “you are not alone”.  The very first reaction as the video was released this morning...

President of Seventh-day Adventist Church sends message of encouragement to members in Burundi

Editors Note: Since May of 2019, the Adventist Church members in Burundi have endured ongoing persecution from the countries government. On October 24, the president of the Burundi Union Mission, pastor Lamec Barishinga, was arrested. This arrest was part of an escalating series of threats and attacks on the Seventh-day Adventist Church by the government of Burundi. For further reading about the situation of our Adventist brother and sisters in Burundi, please visit the Pray for Burundi...